Outcomes of the COP28 Climate Conference

The climate change conference of the parties (COP) hosted by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is one of the world’s most highly anticipated global climate change conferences. The 28th session, COP28, was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from 30 November until 12 December 2023. The conference brings together governments, researchers and research institutes, non-governmental organizations, civil society, development organizations, community-based organizations, and many others worldwide to discuss the global climate change agenda.

The Future Ecosystems for Africa (FEFA) Programme had a representation of researchers attend the conference and contribute immensely towards its activities. Below is a summary of contributions by FEFA researchers for COP28:

Prof. Laura Pereira – FEFA Co-PI

African Science for the African position Panel

Global Tipping Point Report

  • Together with Terry Achieng (FEFA PhD student), contributed to the OGRC Website Article on positive Tipping Points.
  • Featured in a Wits Website Article on the report.
  • Featured as a panellist in the Global Tipping Points Press Conference.
  • Featured in “We Don’t Have Time” panel discussion on tipping points (from 05:19:00).

10 New Insights in Climate Science

Prof. Sally Archibald – FEFA Co-PI

Dr. Odirilwe Solomane – FEFA Funded Collaborator

  • Formed part of a panel discussion hosted by Oppenheimer Generations Research and Conservation at the SA Pavilion, entitled “The Increasing Risk of Neglecting Environment in Financial Markets.”Resources from the panel include a YouTube Video and a Website Article.

FEFA continues to impact not only the African regional platforms but also the global ones. Follow this link for more information on COP28.

Images: COP28 Climate Conference

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