Third Edition: Future Ecosystems for Africa (FEFA) Newsletter

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Future Ecosystems for Africa (FEFA) is a flagship program funded by Oppenheimer Generations Research and Conservation (OGRC). The program is led by the Global Change Institute and School of Animal Plant and Environmental Sciences at Wits University with project partners from across the continent and the globe.

Future Ecosystems for Africa enables African scientists to use their data and knowledge to inform important development decisions on the continent.

Prof. Sally Archibald, School of Animal Plant and Environmental Sciences, WITS University

The Future Ecosystems for Africa project provides an excellent opportunity to work on addressing real change across the continent that draws on diverse knowledge systems to orient towards more preferable futures.

Associate Prof. Laura Pereira, Global Change Institute

Future Ecosystems for Africa brings an exciting connection between degradation and futures thinking in a way that is rooted in cutting edge science in both these areas.

Dr. Odirilwe Selomane, Stellenbosch University

Future Ecosystems for Africa newsletters are released quarterly and aim to inform students, collaborators, partners, and interested stakeholders about programme activities and promote collaboration and partnerships.

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FEFA released a new groundbreaking paper on the African Carbon Budget (2000 - 2019).

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